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CIMS Medical Recruitment

Doctors, Nurses and Medical Health Professionals Recruitment


Established in 1963, MIMS is a multi-channel provider of drug information, medical education and services connecting healthcare communities. Our work empowers healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes by facilitating knowledge exchange and better decision-making. Today, MIMS is present in 13 countries across Asia Pacific with approximately 2.1 million healthcare professional subscribers to its drug & resource portal, digital and print publications.

Why MIMS GROUP started Recruitment? 

MIMS is built on that network, leveraging it into an all-in-one portal for employment screening and job recruiting solutions. We are focused on delivering a high quality platform to match healthcare professionals with employers. Our team is dedicated to serving both job seekers and job posters throughout all countries where our services are available.

MIMS GROUP Recruitment Companies

We are operating in Ireland, Australia, UAE, Philippines, Malaysia, India.

CCM Recruitment
(Ireland and Asutralia)

- Doctors and Nurses from Australia and Western countries
- Nurses and Doctors with DHA,HAAD(DOH),MOH licensed

Melorita Healthcare (Malaysia)

- Doctors and Nurses from Malaysia
- Allied Health Professionals from Malaysia
- Homecare nurse from Malaysia

Medical Staffing Resources (Philippines)

- Doctors and Nurses, Allied Health Professionals from Philippines
- Nurses and Doctors with DHA,HAAD(DOH),MOH licensed
- Homecare nurse from Philippines

CIMS (India)

- Doctors and Nurses from India
- Allied Health Professionals from India
- Homecare nurse from India

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