Obstetrics and Gynecologist Doctor in Sharjah

Doctor - ENT Doctor
United Arab Emirates - Sharjah
AED 20,000~50,000 (MONTH)

Job Description

We require an Obstetrics and Gynecologist doctor who is working in the field of obstetrics. His/her primary task is to cure disorders and diseases in women and ensure patient’s over-all well-being.


  • A gynecologist has a myriad of duties and functions. They are preparing statistical reports on birth, death and diseases, workforce evaluations on the medical status of women. They also advise patients on proper diet, hygiene, and disease prevention; collect and translate vital statistics; record and test results, and health examination to diagnose a patient’s condition.
  • Performing surgeries and gynecological procedures on patients, such as cervical cryosurgeries, dilation and curettages and pelvic laparoscopies Diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of female genital, urinary, and rectal organs.

All interested and experienced Physicians are particularly encouraged to apply for the post with updated CV.