ENT Doctor in Abu Dhabi

Doctor - ENT Doctor
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
AED 20,000~50,000 (MONTH)

Job Description

We are looking for an ENT (Otolaryngologist) Arabic Speaker to be responsible for treating conditions of the ear, throat, and nose. The responsibilities of a Otolaryngologist include treating conditions, examining affected organs, and performing tests to determine the degree of hearing loss, speech loss, or injuries to the larynx.

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Treating conditions of the ears, upper pharynx and oral cavity, larynx, nose, face and neck.
  • Treating nosebleeds, tonsillectomies, adenoidectomies, infected mastoids and sinusitis.
  • Assisting patients with a limited or altered sense of smell.
  • Treating patients with tumors in the head or neck or patients with a defect in the ear, nose, or throat.

All interested and experienced Physicians are particularly encouraged to apply for the post with updated CV.